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My Daily Routine Essay

My Daily Routine Essay Topics

❶Better sleep will leave you refreshed. Richter proudly points this out, to show that even it is a matter of his choosing, not by chance.

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Benefits of Daily Routines

I lead a disciplined life. Regularity in work has become a habit with me. Hence my daily life follows a very simple routine. I rise very early in the morning begin my day with my morning prayer. Then I go for a walk in the open fields. There I perform my breathing exercise and take in as much oxygen from the fresh morning air as possible.

On coming back, I take my bath. After my breakfast, I take to studies. I continue reading till 9. Then I prepare myself to go to school. The school begins at 11 A. But I am at school at least ten minutes earlier. On reaching school, I make it a point to occupy one of the seats of the front benches. This I do for two reasons: We learn various subjects according to the school time-table. I prepare my lessons well everyday. During three hours I practically finish all the reading of my lessons.

Then I complete home task of different subjects. I do not believe in eleventh hour preparations. I know that labour will lead to success. At 9 I take my meal.

I brush my shoes. The school begins at 10 a. I am at school ten minute earlier. I do not take much interest in the school work. In every period the teacher seems to be talking to the dullest boys.

I often feel that there is no teaching for a brilliant boy. Hence I hate classroom atmosphere still I attend to what each teacher says. I pay full respect to every teacher.

Hence I learn different subjects according to the school time table. In the first period I learn English. In the last period I learn History. During recess I go to canteen. I take tea there. After I play for some time with my friends. I also go to library to borrow books. As soon as the recess ends. I go to my class to study for last four periods.

Recess makes us fresh for further study. The school breaks up at 4 p. I return home at about 4. My body beings to perspire. Then I run to the playground to take part in different games. My best interest goes to hockey. It is the game which refreshes my mind and makes me active.

Then I get back home and take a cold bath. Now I feel myself light.

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My Daily Life Essay: Activities in the morning: Daily life means a routined life. So I try my best to follow my daily routine. It is my habit to get up early in the morning. I brush my teeth, wash my hands, face and take my ablution and say my Fazar prayer. Then I go out for a walk in the open air for about half an.

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The alarm clock wakes me up early in the morning. I want to sleep more. But I have to leave my bed. Then I go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth. I take' bath, dress up and then I eat my breakfast.

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Essay on daily routine. At home in the morning—I am a student. So I spend the day in a simple way. I get up from bed early in the morning. First, I do my morning duties. I wash my face and brush my teeth. Related Articles: Essay on a picnic in which I took part. % FREE Papers on My daily routine essay. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Class , high school & college. -.

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Writing sample of essay on a given topic "My Mother Daily Routine". So this is my daily routine during the week. On the weekend it is a different story, I like a lie-in untill noon and do whatever I wish with my free time. I am still expected to help my parents out around the house but I still have most of the time for myself and my interests.