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Thesis and dissertation services tamu

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❶Moreno Romero, Fidel Enrique, , Experimental investigation of sand consolidation using high-temperature alkaline solution. Please review the following checklist prior to beginning the submission process:.

Electron Microprobe Theses and Dissertations

Electronic Theses, Dissertations, and Records of Study (2002– )
Thesis and dissertation services tamu
thesis and dissertation services tamu

Jolley, Darren, , Age-dating implications from the morphologic, petrologic, and isotopic investigations of a calcic soil, Terrell County, Texas. Jones, Courtney, , Implications of carbonate petrology and geochemistry for the origin of coal balls from the Kalo Formation Moscovian, Pennsylvanian of Iowa.

Jung, Woodong, , Petrographic, mineralogic, and geochemical studies of hydrocarbon-derived authigenic carbonate rock from gas venting, seepage, free gas, and gas hydrate sites in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore India. Kelley, Jill, , Low temperature alteration of the ocean crust: Kennedy, Lori, , Deformation accompanying foreland thrusting: Kim, Jin-Wook, , Mineralogical and fabric changes during burial diagenesis of shale and their effects on petrophysical properties.

Kim, Joonyeong, , Synthesis and characterization of new chalcogenides with tetrahedral building blocks. Kim, Yongje, , Aquifer mineralogy and natural radionuclides in groundwater- the lower Paleozoic of central Texas.

Kobashi, Takuro, , Paleogene cooling ma as inferred from oxygen isotope variation within mollusc shells. Kota, Prakash, , Systems approach for evaluation of heavily stabilized bases for paved roads. Kuhr, Samuel Houston, , An electrolytic method to form zirconium hydride phases in zirconium alloys with morphologies similar to hydrides formed in used nuclear fuel. Kumar, Parikshith, , Influence of inelastic phenomena on the actuation characteristics of high temperature shape memory alloys.

Kwon, Ohmyoung, , Transport and mechanical properties of saturated Wilcox shale. Lang, Richard Anthony, , Numerical simulation of comminution in granular materials with an application to fault gouge evolution. Lee, Lai Man, , Competitive sorption of pyrene and pyridine to natural clay minerals and reference clay standards. Lee, Young-Joon, , Models of calcite vein formation. Leonard, Brian, , Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline binary and ternary intermetallic compounds.

Letargo, Maria, , Geothermobarometry and the metamorphic evolution of the Llano Uplift, central Texas. Lim, Wendy, , Mechanical Properties of Sc0. Looff, Kurt, , Microstructural and structural analysis of three salt structures of different tectonic regimes.

Lopez Cruz, Nazario, , Tuning the properties of molecular magnets and conductors based on lanthanide and transition metal ions bridged by TCNQ derivatives or cyanometallate ligands by varying the dimensionality of the structure and metal ion identity. Majid Al-Maharbi, , Mechanical flow response and anisotropy of ultra-fine grained magnesium and zinc alloys. Malicse, Jose Ariel, , Sedimentary processes and facies of a desert fluvial system in southern Death Valley, California.

Manisha, Manisha, , Evaluation of thermal stresses in planar solid oxide fuel cells as a function of thermo-mechanical properties of component materials. Markley, Christopher Thomas, , Arsenate uptake, sequestration and reduction by a freshwater cyanobacterium: Marrero Cruz, Mariza R. Medvedev, Dmitry Gennadievich, , Design, optimization, and selectivity of inorganic ion-exchangers for radioactive waste remediation.

Melendez Castillo, Maria Georgina, , The effects of acid contact time and rock surfaces on acid fracture conductivity. Meng, Fanqin, , Synthetic exploration of ternary rare earth metal-rich tellurides and novel magnetic properties of gadolinium halide clusters. Meng, Yao, , Provenance of middle to late Miocene clastic sedimentary rocks in the central to eastern Cibao Basin, northern Hispaniola. Mii, Horng-Sheng, , Isotopic composition of brachiopod shells as indicators of Pennsylvanian marine paleoenvironment of North America.

Mii, Horng-Sheng, , Late Paleozoic environments: Milkov, Alexei, , Gas hydrate stability in the Gulf of Mexico: Mitzman, Stephanie, , The application of phreeqci, a geochemical computer program, to aid in the management of a wastewater treatment wetland. Modarres Razavi, Sonia, , Effect of texture on formability and mechanical anisotropy of a severe plastically deformed magnesium alloy. Moreno Romero, Fidel Enrique, , Experimental investigation of sand consolidation using high-temperature alkaline solution.

Muntha, Nageswara Rao Venkat, , Thin film growth and characterization of potassium-tantalate-niobate room temperature ferroelectric. Murillo-Muneton, Gustavo, , Stratigraphic architecture, platform evolution, and mud-mound development in the lower Cupido Formation lower Cretaceous , northeastern Mexico.

Muthusami, Jayakumar, , Czochralski single crystal growth, modeling, and characterization of ilmenite. Nah, Ren Sang, , Fuel-optimal Earth-Mars trajectories using low-thrust exhaust-modulated plasma propulsion.

Nobles, Maria Morgun, , Impact of structural interfaces on the transport of chemicals in Vertisols and Alfisols of Texas. Norasetthekul, Somchintana, , Fabrication of zirconium diboride-copper for electrical discharge machining via selective laser sintering and simulation for copper cathode erosion of plasma torch.

Oliver, Julie, , Characterization of the mineralogy of the oxidized portion of the overburden and relation of pre-mine mineralogy to success of post-mine reclamation at a lignite mine near Jewett, Texas. Ortensi, Javier, , Rutherford backscattering analysis of gallium implanted stainless steel. Ozdemir, Nevin, , Size effects in ferromagnetic shape memory alloys. Lakshmi, , Development and characterization of novel alumina based ceramic matrix composites for energy efficient sliding applications.

Perry, Houston, , Functional metal phosphonates. Petko, Craig, , Using fluid buffering equilibria to determine values of H2O activity: Pickell, Michael, , Detrital zircon geochronology of middle Ordovician siliciclastic sediment on the southern Laurentian shelf. Piper, Jennifer, , The thermal evolution of the Ouachita Orogen, Arkansas and Oklahoma from quartz-calcite thermometry and fluid inclusion thermobarometry.

Pournik, Maysam, , Laboratory-scale fracture conductivity created by acid etching. Reed, Christy Lynn, , The role of oxalic acid on the dissolution of granitic sand: Revzin, Alexander, , Development of nanocomposite and hydrogel biosensors based on thin film technology.

Rhie, Kungwon, , Hall effect of amorphous transition metal alloys. Romanek, Christopher Scott, , Carbon isotopic fractionation and precipitation kinetics of synthetic aragonite and calcite grown in dilute solutions.

Ruengphrathuengsuka, Wirogana, , Bubble nucleation and growth dynamics in polymer melts. Serrette, Genevieve, , The synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of sulfated zirconia. Shea, William Thomas Jr. Smith, Tad Monnett, , Diagenesis of shallow marine carbonate rocks: Sobti, Jasleen Bombra, , Luminescence and material characterization of co-deposited tungsten doped zinc oxide phosphor. Solayappan, Narayanan, , Growth and evaluation of ferroelectric antimony sulfo-iodide thin films for thermal imaging applications.

Song, Jin Kun, , Arsenic removal and stabilization by synthesized pyrite. Srivastava, Raj Vibhuti A. Su, Haw-Lih, , N-hetereocyclic carbene metal complexes: Sue, Ji Woong, , Effect of microstructure of closed cell foam on strength and effective stiffness. Sutter, Brad, , Structural properties and dissolution of iron, manganese and copper containing synthetic hydroxyapatite.

Tao, Kai, , Neogene low-latitude seasonal environmental variations: Tominaga, Masako, , M-anomaly Analyses and its implications for the architecture of the upper oceanic crust. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

Some features of this site may not work without it. Access Most theses and dissertations in this collection are open access. Understanding what allows species to persist is a complex challenge for biodiversity conservation. Biophysical constraints on habitat use and predator evasion can affect the persistence of at-risk species.

The notion of a finite-state measure a measure given by a finite automaton, or equivalently, Two different type of microfluidic devices were designed, fabricated and tested to capture the microspheres.

The passive device seems to be more reliable because of no possibility of damage, whereas the thin film in active This research proposes a weak grid detection method that is a steady state screening method to identify clusters of buses where potential coordinated voltage oscillations could occur.

The objectives of this method are to Management of produced water has always been an issue in the oil and gas industry. As the amount of water injected to produce from unconventional heavy oil and source rock resources increases, proper management and Sexual Racism in an Online Gay Community: Past literature examining race and sexuality has revealed the ways the two intersect to construct racial bodies in sexually stereotypical ways on and offline.

Still, while these studies have made tremendous contributions Concentrating solar power CSP plants have been widely commercialized internationally for generating electricity from solar energy. Recent techniques in optical coherence tomography OCT make use of specialized light sources that sweep across a broad optical bandwidth, allowing for longer depth ranges at higher resolutions.

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Texas A&M University Thesis and Dissertation Services, College Station, Texas. likes. Texas A&M Thesis and Dissertation Services is a key partner in 5/5(1). Thesis and dissertation services tamu. L. Fall skills dissertation viva voce, e-books. Experience. Tamuc dissertation publication agreement tamu college and documents of report pilsen, amigo bull. Searching for graduate degree thesis disertation. Apr 05, each master of. Pond colostate.